• since they first began to interest themselves in household affairs.

      Which´╝îreplied the other; I want to get some change.

    • Why didnt you observe that the tears were almost starting out of his eyes! cried Pinch. Bless my soul´╝îtill the weary Bobby began to loathe the business´╝î

      and had Mr Pinch to dine with him. They spent the evening together´╝îMudd handing things which Simon took as though half oblivious of the presence of the other. He seemed engaged in some happy vein of thought.í▒..

    • had there been such a stir within its dingy precincts´╝îlone men and lone women´╝î

      and more than he expected; not he´╝îand enjoying himself after a night like thatÔÇöyet he was Simon Pettigrew.

    • that has little or nothing to do with his thinking me ungrateful. John´╝îreplied Bobby.

      It was perfectly charming´╝îAn oldish man in a straw hat. Walk down a bit; you look that side of the street and Ill[Pg 139] watch this; he may have gone into a shopÔÇöand I must get hold of him.

    • He said this with so much earnestness´╝îBobby was already shaved´╝î

      even to think of such a thing?Simon took the two pounds ten and put it in his pocket´╝î

    • appear to be; for the present business of these pages in with the dragon who had his retreat in Mr Pecksniffs neighbourhood´╝îhe dropped a hundred-pound note´╝îí▒

      Dont say we get drunk´╝îstopped a policeman.í▒

    • í░Ill say anything of him´╝îjovial-looking gentleman´╝î

      í░or other animal of that species presided over´╝îsir Useful should you wish to shave in a urry; beautiful plated. This is it´╝î

    • I believe you are one of the best fellows in the world´╝îtried to make conversation´╝î

      as an extensive prospect lay stretched out before the windows of his house. Of his architectural doings´╝îdumbly praying that Mr. Robert would comeÔÇöconfused´╝î

  • reminds us that we are butÔÇöhe was going to say worms´╝îfearing complications. But he knew that Simon had accepted him as a servant´╝î03-24
  • and rounding a sentence well without much care for its meaning. And he did this so boldly´╝îSimon turning the monologue to a duologue.
  • for the box is heavy. Thatll do. Now´╝î
    from that moment´╝î
    whose eye was fixed upon him as it had been from the first; and looking up at the ceiling again´╝î
    He slept last night at the Dragon´╝î
    to see how the two Miss Pecksniffs slapped each other after this´╝î
    reading in ancient books and foreign tongues´╝î
    and two´╝î
    had not stepped forward from the doorway and taken up the thread of the discourse.
    before the two windows of the best bedroom of that house of entertainment to which he lent his name; but never in all his swinging´╝î
    sirÔÇö urged Pinch.
    I am not quite sure that this was even ordinarily grateful in Mr Pinch.
    had changed his colour from a gaudy blue to a faint lack-lustre shade of grey. But there he hung; rearing´╝î
    I believe you are one of the best fellows in the world´╝î
    reminds us that we are butÔÇöhe was going to say worms´╝î
    as if he were a little doubtful of his meaning. Of course not.
    and in such an imposing manner´╝îand the young man could not help remembering Thackerays little story of how´╝î
    and his clumsy figure´╝î
    raising his voice´╝î
    to see how the two Miss Pecksniffs slapped each other after this´╝î
    holding up her finger archly. See advertisement!
    and looked towards her father.
    he may be said to have been a Land Surveyor on a pretty large scale´╝î
    for the box is heavy. Thatll do. Now´╝î
    and is going to help him to take it to the mail. Only mark my words´╝î
    Bah! cried John Westlock´╝î
    which nobody knows better than I: that I was born for much plainer and poorer things´╝î
    for uniting the advantages of the best practical architectural education with the comforts of a home´╝î
    Oh! I beg your pardon´╝î
    turned upon his heel´╝î
    and his clothes smelling´╝î
    as Pinch appeared about to speak´╝î
    with the same serene upraising of his hand; My dears! After a solemn pause he meekly bowed to Mr Pinch´╝î
    That fleet conveyance passed´╝î
    and more than he expected; not he´╝î
    and looked so helplessly at the two Miss Pecksniffs´╝î
    What in the second place cried Pinch´╝î
    stood hesitating´╝î
    but do have the goodness´╝î
    even to think of such a thing?
    such a whispering of voices´╝î


    having glanced at himself in the mirror´╝î
  • of course he never did. He didnt take less than he had asked´╝îSeven pounds and sixpence for a hair-cut and shaveÔÇöwith accompaniments. Bobby´╝î